Tuesday, May 10, 2011


My Mother's Day gift from Jake. A handmade card and roses made from Hershey Kisses!
Although, it was the sickest, most miserable Mom day I think I have ever had!
Sweet gift though! I loved it!

I have had a flu like stomach thing for the last few days and I am just now feeling that there is light at the end of my misery tunnel. I am so irritated with the flu shot that I took for the first time in my life this past winter. In the last two months, I have had two colds and a flu! More than normal although some people are blaming all of it on the weather seeing as sun has been missing from our daily lives. Along with that missing sun, there is also no warmth. I feel it is around the corner. It being spring and I have heard the forecast and that by this afternoon, the sun is to make an appearance along with temps into the high 50's. It will be welcomed by all! The dogs will play, the cats bask about in it, the birds flit, the swallows build nests and catch the elusive bugs and me? I will sit in a warm sunny spot outside for however long the light lasts. I am not a heat lover. I just want a little sun and warmth. Bless those poor people along the mighty Mississippi! Here I am whining and they are losing everything! Need to send them prayers and a donation. Lots of prayer!

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