Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sun?! What Sun?

It has been raining now for days and if I did not know that today was May 7th, I would swear it was a November day. Rain has been coming down all day, not big Missouri drops as Phil says but the kind of rain that just soaks everything hour after hour at the same rate. I love rain and gray days. It is good for business but I am longing for some sun! I do not want hot weather just some sun! I want to feel my cheeks redden in the light, feel the warmth through the blackness of my leggings, turn my whole body like a flowering plant to the sun.

Zip. Guess it is not happening anytime soon but I did take some pictures of a day not too long ago when the sun made an appearance and the day basked in its glory!

The new Maritime Center.

So for tonight feel the sun, love the sun, wish for it and enjoy PT in the sun through these pictures. Can you feel it? I want it!

p.s. We last saw the sun around lunch time on Tuesday! This is the Port Hudson Marina in town, five blocks from my shop.

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