Monday, May 16, 2011

Studio Updates

Instead of doing all the things I should be doing to get ready for the Bead & Button show, I am fooling around rearranging the studio and finishing a painting. Not that I would ever call painting a waste of time! Sometimes, rearranging things makes order in my mind and I can get work done that should be done. All the rain we have been having just makes me want to go into hibernation mode, sleep and dream.

 Painting has been my savior. I love painting and often think I am working on my interior life when I paint. The images in my head, the colors that surround my thoughts, the music that only I hear while i paint. This piece is just rhythmic. The imagery bounces up and down between bird and song house and sun. It is mixed media and colored pencil on gessoed canvas paper.
 I had this vintage vinyl, wonderful yellow drop leaf table in the classroom above my shop in town. When i bought it, I had no use for it but I took the leap, made the purchase and figured I would find a use. The color makes me happy! It is all chrome, old chrome and it is on wheels. Awesome, I can move it around, too! The little table in front is an old telephone table from the 1940's, refinished and painted a purple orchid color. Love those rounded corners! How smart is that? No knocked shins!
Loads of colored pencils and a water jar! 

Something beginning to replace the finished piece. Can you tell I have a thing for stripes and barred patterns?

the early evening is calling to me to make a decision about what to do with the rest of my day: paint, bead, silversmith, sleep - better decide and get about it!

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