Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Last Full Tucson Day

It is incredibly difficult to believe that this is my last full day to spend in Tucson as tomorrow I fly home. I should continue shopping today but instead I am going to help a friend pack out her booth and then spend a little time out in the desert sun, soaking up the warmth and atmosphere, desert sounds and sights. I am going to give myself a day to breathe and simply be. Every year that I am down here I fall in love again with the open spaces that the Tucson countryside shows me and I get a determination to move down here and begin again an art studio. Wouldn't it feel like heaven on earth to spend months holed up in the quiet and solitude, creating my jewelry and paintings, venturing out once or twice a year to sell them? Make enough money to return to my lair and creat some more? What artist would not really like this?

I am a person that believes if it is meant to be then it will. I am sending this thought out into the universe and we shall see where it lands! Much love - Lois

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