Sunday, February 13, 2011


My jewelry display wall.

The sun felt delightful on my face, the desert wind especially charmed me and even the coldest temperatures in Tucson since 1899, were wonderful as I experienced them. I am sorry to see the days go. To be out of my routine from time to time is so refreshing. I could not work in the studio or shop or office so I was forced, I say, to enjoy myself and concentrate only on the moments at hand. To see friends again was absolute heaven! I also had a new neighbor next to my booth at The Whole Bead Show and he was nice to work with! I am looking forward to seeing him next year in the same spot and to doing some jewelry design work for him in the coming year.
Silver work and new designs. 
Trays of sterling charms and bronze toggles.
These are the first of my Tucson pictures I will post here. My booth, as it is called in Tucson, is 8 feet by 4 feet so I manage to carefully fit in a ton of my silver work. I featured my sterling charms, jewelry, new designs, new metals and classic standbys: the brass I bring in from India, my favorite resins and many cords twisted in an array of color and texture.

My new metals, bronzes and  britanium, were well received and I am thoroughly encouraged to keep heading in that direction. My new silver work excited many customers and the jewelry was loved and purchased by many. Thank you!

The odd part of the whole trip is I worked so hard to get ready for the show that now that I am home, I just want to snuggle under a down comforter and watch recorded TV shows. I need space, time to unwind from all the work and travel. I will give myself some of that time in the evening when the house is still and we each retreat to our own separate spaces. I will rest in my leather recliner and take in the small world that is on the television and use it for a vacation from the day. More pictures coming soon. I had so many adventures, I want to share them all!

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