Tuesday, February 15, 2011


We were in a restaurant in Tucson that used to be a favorite of ours, years ago when it was in an isolated, funky area of Tucson near the Rialito river. The restaurant was a riot of color and imagery.  From country side weird to big city chic. It was  fun to load up on chips and salsa and talk the night away while eating un-by americanized mexican cuisine. The place has since moved to an up and coming, newly developing area of Tucson and has definitely suburbanized itself but it still has an amazing collection of airbrushed graffiti. I am always fascinated by and have collected pictures of regional graffiti wherever I go. It is the new american folk art, accessible to all, easily done, supplies readily available and loads of surfaces that cry out for adornment. Just don't run out and paint up your neighborhood! I personally think american cities should provide places that you could legally graffiti-ize!

We could all be artists in our own right! We just need the space to create! But don't deface  property that is not yours!

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