Friday, January 7, 2011

Russian Christmas

Today is Russian Christmas celebrated on January 7th to coincide with the Julian calendar and this is Grandfather Frost or a Russian version of Santa, a combination of a pagan figure, western Santa Claus and created when the communists prohibited the celebration of religion.

In my family, we always had a second celebration of Christmas, this evening being one of a special dinner ( sauerkraut soup, anyone? ) and family togetherness. We actually ate Subway sandwiches and worked late at the shop. I still feel a special connection tonight to my family, to my times growing up to the passing of another holiday. A bit of sadness at the passing of what was. A sweet tinge of longing...

There is a hint of cold in the air, a chance for snow and I am settling into the studio for a long run of work for Tucson and beyond. I am looking forward to the dessert and all it's early spring glory. I intend to do some serious sketching down there and some relaxing knitting but for this moment I will say Merry Christmas and goodnight.

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Spirited Earth said...

amazing costume..
and hey ..i like saurkraut
not sure about soup