Saturday, January 8, 2011

Russian Amulets

Several years ago I found these pieces in silver, of Russian religious medals. I loved the detail on their surfaces and the different stories they told. I moulded them and recast them in sterling and will have them in Tucson this year.
You almost need to see them in person to appreciate the beauty of the markings on each piece. The largest cross is so expertly etched with a lace like texture that it appears as filmy as curtains at a window. The crucifix is heavily done in great detail, a striking image of the body of Christ all rib bones and pain. I can see this being worn by a man today or a priest in days past. The rectangular piece is the most primitive in design, looking like its drawing was done by unskilled hands in the tradition of folk art. I think it is Joseph.
I am very pleased with how these turned out and know that they will find an appreciative audience in Tucson in just a few short weeks.

On another note, my heart and soul pour out prayers for the victims and families of the shooting rampage in Tucson today. I am crying for America, too. May the hatred stop. Just stop.

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