Thursday, January 6, 2011


Today is the 13th day of Christmas or the Epiphany. Tomorrow will be what we called " Russian Christmas " when I was growing up. We will have a special little dinner and perhaps exchange one final gift and then officially label the holiday as over. I am always sorry to see Christmas go. We are the last house in our neighborhood with bright holiday lights up outside. I love them! They bring such light and sparkle to dark, cold wintry evenings and make me feel greeted when I come home from the shop. I might have to leave them up just a bit longer, making me feel as if I am extending the warmth and happiness of the holidays. 

These are hearts that can be worn as pendants and also
have bars so that they can be used as toggles. Bronze metals.

New crosses cast in white and yellow bronzes.

Happy Epiphany!
These are a few of my celtic reproduction pieces cast in white
and yellow bronzes.

With a glimpse at the pictures above you can tell what I have 
been up to the last month or so. I am making new pieces for the
upcoming Tucson shows. The show is the first thing on
my mind in the morning and the last thing at night as I close my eyes
for dreamlands. A few more weeks and I will have to call everything done!
The show starts on February 2nd, will I be ready? Oh lord, 
I certainly hope so! 

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