Thursday, January 13, 2011

Busy Woman

These are a few new designs debuting at the Tucson Whole Bead Show in February. I looked for inspiration in the things around me and came up with vintage hardware and local tourist venues.
New pieces made from antique hardware. In BRITANNIUM.
These are pieces that I found in brass at an antique store in Port Gamble. The lock was an actual working piece that we filled with resin before casting. I think they will make excellent additions to the old new look ofsteampunk style jewelry as well as assemblages created with found objects.

The Seattle Monorail!

The Space Needle! 
 I am trying to do some charms that are more " real " than my usual imagery. I picked the Space Needle and the monorail because I stumbled upon an old charm bracelet that was a memento from the 1962 World's Fair held in Seattle. What says Pacific Northwest more than the Space Needle and Seattle/
It may be hard to see here but this is a new metal finish for me on the
Britannium pieces, a nice soft satin finish.
These were an experiment in finishes. Brushed and soft looking, they are a satin finish that looks almost like ancient metals from an archeological dig. I particularly like the angel wing. It looks delicate, worn, handled by wishes and dreams.

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