Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year, New Things, A New Way

This is what greeted us at 2:20 in the am at the shop the last day of 2010. I don't mind saying goodbye to
the year that was! Vandalism in the form of a drunk forcing a chair through my shop window and causing much damage, made me sad, resigned and sleepless.
The chair that was pushed through my window.
The sad trail of broken glass.

Where the window used to be over my cash wrap.

Normally the whole window thing would upset me greatly, but after losing all three front display windows this summer due to wear and tear and age; I could handle this. We all worked from 2:20 until 5:30 in the morning to clean up the broken glass and then dashed home for a couple hours of sleep before returning to the shop for the rest of New Year's Eve day. Even Jacob was roused from deep sleep to help. 

It could have been worse but thankfully, the building's angels and resident ghosts watched over us. No one gained entry, wood was found to plug the hole ( plus scraps of carpet ) and life moved on. 

Sweet wonderful life! No matter what it throws at you, ( a chair through a window? )  it is just that - sweet and wonderful! Happy Newest of Years!

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