Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hands at Rest - caution - non work zone

My hands are sore. They ache. They cry out for soothing balms and lotions, maybe a little light touch here and there. They have been busy hands, working long hours for the upcoming Tucson show. Making jewelry, assembling clasps, pricing charms, sorting, stringing, stamping and and trying to live a normal life. They serve me well and today they are taking a holiday, a little rest. They are forbidden to make jewelry or knit or polish or open a can or anything that does not involve rest. The arthritis is screaming for my attention and the best way to ignore its surly demands is to rest my hands. So that is what I am doing, quieting their dance of motion and activity.  If my lap top weren't such a sweetie for its easy typing keys, you would not be reading this either.
The hands that do so much.

The finger that hurts so badly.
On the other hand, no pun intended ( well, maybe a little pun ) I can not believe that the aches in this one little joint in particular could drive me to want to remove this fingertip! I am a middle aged, grown, smart woman who rationally thinks, " if I just cut off this fingertip, the pain will leave me ". Who thinks of losing a finger  this way besides zombies? Maybe even zombies want their fingers on their hands but this sensible, artist, jeweler, mom, business woman thinks of removing hers! What a nut! I had better say goodnight.....

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