Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Rolls Around

It is that time of the week when I
take a picture of myself and call it a portrait. This time I have a picture of me taking a picture in the bathroom mirror. I like the religious iconography I have on the walls of the bathroom. Made by friends or found in Mexico, it gives me pleasure to look at them. Phil says every time he uses the bathroom; he feels like he is in a shrine! That makes me laugh heartily, even at this moment; I am smiling!

The purple painting behind me I did of a traditional english folk art, canal florals and it is done on a refinished wine case lid.

I have no great insights to offer this week but I am wearing one of my favorite shirts in the portrait made of over dyed bark cloth fabric by my friend Katya who now has a shop upstairs from me.

Good night sweet friends until I write again!

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