Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Magic of Early Fall

It is an early fall here in spite of the calendar's date and it feels magical. The air has an edge of coolness to it and the sky fills between rains with the fluffy full clouds that I usually see in November. I feel relieved to have survived the heat of the summer, the down and dirty dog days of August and rejoice at the change in seasons. Energized! Can you feel it where you live? This sky greeted me outside tonight just as we finished dinner using fresh cucumbers and grape tomatoes from summer's bounty.

In this early fall between rain and windstorms; dandelions are making their last fluffy stands, spreading their beautiful yellowness to hide until next spring. gather them and make wishes before they send their fluttery seeds on their way!

This annual plant nestles in the corner by my studio door and bravely reaches out for the sun. Perhaps she will get enough light to finish her bloom for this summer and turn a wonderful pink-raspberry color. I love the shape of her leaves and think they will find their way into a drawing or a charm.

Jacob preparing his flying termite basher for the evening's hunt. I point them out, Daisy follows us and Jacob bashes them. They are everywhere and make a satisfying THWICK when you knock them from the sky. Daisy likes to eat them. Mmmm... special doggie treats!

Ripening tomatoes on the vine in a flower pot on the porch. These will probably not finish their journey to ripeness anymore this year but I will enjoy the feast both visual and physical these beauties will give me.

The beautiful evening sky as clouds begin to drift in over the Olympics. Dreamy, fluffy and just barely a whisper of pink coloring.
Blessed be the season's changes and in the haste of my daily life and your days too, may we never fail to notice the beauty that is just outside our windows and inside our souls.

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Elaine said...

I love it that you make wishes with the dandelions! I have been doing the same since I was a child over in Seattle. One had to blow them all off, no picking the last few or the wish wouldn't come true. I must admit that when I take Jesse, my little girl cat for walks, I have been snatching up the 'lions and making lots of wishes. Life hasn't been so great lately, so I hope some of them come true.