Friday, January 8, 2010

My silver studio is coming along very nicely with the addition of a few new tools and a table arrangement that gives me lots of surface to work on. I like things neat and tidy in my workspace but I am finding out that it is nearly impossible to not spread out everywhere and have everything within reach. There must be a magic that exists somewhere that would allow me to do this. I have so many ideas in my head hovering about all my daily activities and I only need more hours in the day and fingers that do not ache from arthritis to accomplish my daily goals. What will I make in the days and months to follow? I have no idea where this journey will lead or what the end result will be. I only know for certain that since I was a child. I have only wanted to " make stuff. " Sometimes, growing up, the ache was so bad for wanting to make something that the day would be an exercise in frustration. I will have to add to my list of goals this year that I will become proficient in using all my tools and that I will use the stuff I have to create with. When I force myself to use what is at hand, I often get some of my best results!

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