Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I have a goal for this new year,this new decade. I am going to take care of me. Do what I need to do to make myself feel happy and content while still being open to the idea of adventure and new technique in my work, jewelry, bead, fiber and painting. I want to build and treasure my friendships and gather new friends close to me. I want to love my family even more if that is possible and gather them closer. I want to remember to exercise the spirit of gratitude. I want to practice peace and as one of my favorite songs says, " let it begin with me. " There is so much and I feel so blessed to have the chance to say that there is so much. Without getting all sappy and over emotional; I just want to say I am so thankful to just be alive to experience this new decade and all that it will have to offer. Peace I leave you with tonight and for the coming year. xo, Lois

p.s. Acceptance would be a good thing also for the 2010 year. Acceptance of myself and of others both good, bad and ugly. Oh and typing skills would come in handy, too this year!

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Elaine said...

Your words have inspired me too, Lois. Thank you for being one of my new friends!