Thursday, December 10, 2009

School Christmas Performance

It was a wonderful Christmas event at Jacob's school last night. A potluck followed by a puppet show and the singing of Christmas carols. It was well attended, too with parents and a few grandparents. At Christmas, I think of how it would be nice to have family nearby. The icy cold evening with a clear and starry sky passed quickly in a rollicking good time!

The entire school puppet gang in a performance they wrote themselves. It was actually well performed and funny! Those clever kids!

The mustached puppet is Jacob and he is wearing a shirt and tie!

Jacob's classmates singing Feliz Navidad and shaking their moroccos at last night's school play. Jacob is the tallest kid in school! I was really getting into the singing and rocking out and after the performance one of the other boys said to Jacob, " Is your mom always like that? " Jacob says, " yeah and she sings all the time, too. " I just can't get enough of embarrassing him! HAHA!

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