Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New silk cords, handmade and dyed on the San Juan Islands, have arrived in a beautiful array of colors. After I had them tied onto their special hangers, and laid upon a table in the studio; I realized they were a work of art in themselves! A lovely, slightly abstract assemblage.

By the way it is 20 degrees right now in PT. It is 16 degrees below normal! Brrrr... Good night all.....

I meant to post this picture a couple of weeks ago but just never got around to doing it. I am at a loss to explain where all my hours in a day disappear to! Anyhow, this is our quiet family Thanksgiving dinner, just the three of us. A more relaxing and peaceful day would be hard to come by. Phil cooked an amazing and comforting dinner of the usual T-Day foods.

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