Sunday, December 13, 2009

These are two shots of our Christmas tree just put up tonight by Jacob and me. We had a technical difficulty at first in that our trusted tree stand leaked like a sieve so we had to dash and get the LAST ONE IN PORT TOWNSEND this afternoon. After a challenging switch, I think we have one of the prettiest trees ever! I was also amazed that the tree cost so much less this year. Must be due to the economy and tree farmers thinking people would not buy one this year.

This year at Christmas I am also remembering my mom and still missing her very much. I just wish I could hear her voice one more time and ask her the things that a daughter asks of a mother. Once again I would listen to her and wish that she would never leave and let me alone be the adult.

There is also the lightest dusting of snow on our porch right now, like sugar on a cookie. Perfect for tree decorating time!

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