Friday, July 24, 2009

Today I learned new jewelry techniques and remembered some skills from high school and college. My friend Steff flew in to teach four of us silversmithing techniques, something I had been looking forward to for months. We began by etching designs onto copper or silver metal plates. This was deja vu for me as I did etching in school and it is pretty much the same as before. Steff was right, it IS like riding a bicycle and many things came back to me out of the far reaches of my cobweb filled brain. This is my copper plate and it looks like a mini etching plate, ready to have a print pulled from it. Two more days of this intensive class and I might finish something and improved my skills! Great fun with wonderful people!

One of my sterling silver etched plates created in class. with a bit of luck and Steff's teaching skills; it might be a wearable art form tomorrow!

Andrea and Steff working away on our etchings in class. Steff is a terrific teacher and we are all so glad that she could come in from Chicago.

A picture from class today in Andrea's studio of Kathy and Steff working.

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