Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I am a nice person, truly. I enjoy life, take care of my family, work very hard and am grateful for all my blessings BUT i hate the little yappy dog next door! It is 11:34 pm!!! and that dog is barking away! I have fantasies of how I will do it in. Hoping that a coyote eats it or an eagle swoops down during the day and snatches it up and flies back to its nest and slowly feeds the little fur ball to the young eaglets waiting for a late dinner. I often yell out at the dog to shut up but it makes Phil mad and my neighbors act like they do not understand english. I mostly really think they do not. Sigh.... where is a hungry coyote, a wily fox, a lurking weasel, a pouncing mountain lion, when you really need on!

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Diane said...

Try Fosters or PetCo for a small device that emits ultra high sounds that only animals can hear. Works wonders if you're within ear shot. I bought one to keep the neighbors dog from barking outside our bedroom window early in the morning. They absolutely DO NOT like the sound and will run away from it without harming the animal (no closer than 12 inches). About $30.00 or so and well worth the money! Also great for keeping pets off the furniture or other places they're not welcome. When my cats see me bring out my little blue box they run now without my having to push the button.