Sunday, July 26, 2009

At Andrea's house today on the bluffs above the beach; it was not nearly as hot as it was in Seattle. We could still pound away and solder, craft and learn. The weather is expected to get unbearably hot here for about the next week. I hope not! Hot, sticky days wear me out and make working in my studio and especially the heat of the shop, not fun at all! Stay cool and watch for new pieces here tomorrow. School's out after that!

The parts all laid out for the next box. Ready for another day of creativity and learning. Just wait until tomorrow when I add the bracelet we finished today!

Everyone working so intently on their projects in the class. Today's class was very physical, lots of heavy duty hammering on Andrea's anvil and my entire upper body and back is sore. I am feeling my age - dang it!

This is the etched copper side of my " box ".

This is the sterling silver side of my component that I have made. It will end up being a pendant sometime officially tomorrow.

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