Sunday, May 11, 2008

From Out of the Past

This is a pen and ink sketch from a zillion years ago when I was younger and still drew a lot of self portraits as a way to examine my life both inner and outer. I must have been in my 30's and I called the piece, " Some Flower ". It was for a postcard I did for one of my solo gallery openings. The young me was and the old me is still, in love with crows, sunflowers and big eyeglasses! HA HA ! Honestly, I have had a sweet lazy day and a wonderful long conversation with Howard ( Justin to everyone else! ), a Happy Mother's Day call from Michael, gifts, chocolates, roses and breakfast from Phil and Jacob and 30+ minutes to lounge and read the Sunday papers - all of it! HAppy Mother's Day to all the women who have nurtured not only their own children but other women through friendship. xx00, Lois

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