Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Bead and Button Preview

This is a necklace of lampworked venetian white hearts, wire wrapped sterling and some cast pieces. I have also used one of my favorite toggles and made it long enough to wrap around a neck twice. Today I oxidized it and then ground or sanded a not so shiny finish on the surface. It is one of my favorite and latest ways to finish sterling. I have much more B&B work to do but everyday I feel I am making progress. I think the toggle has sort of a Hawaiian flavor. It reminds me of hibiscus flowers for some reason.

My cold is feeling better although I would probably be good and sick if I had not wimped out and vegged quietly for a couple of days! Lots of naps and chocolate chip cookies! Now if I only had 2 more weeks to get the show on the road!! xxoo, Lois

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