Thursday, May 15, 2008

Where has the time gone? the last few days since I posted have just flown by and every moment has seemed filled with activity! I am getting sleepy just thinking about it all! Our weather is changing for a few days and we are due for some HOT, HOT temperatures. We, here in the great western half of Washington state have a very small comfort zone. It is supposed to be near 90 degrees so we will moan and complain like there is no tomorrow! We want a little sun and temps in the mid 70's. Like I said, a small comfort zone that happens to be very specific!
This sweet book, written by a very nice woman, Danielle Fox, has some of my silver charms in it. She has even given me credit for the pieces in the back of the book! I could not be more excited to have my work in a book! A book!! Books are awesome and can live on forever!

Way to go Hillary Clinton! Great West Virginia win! Women for a change!

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