Monday, May 5, 2008

One More Thing ...

When I left Beckett Point here in Port Townsend and moved on after living in my 450 square foot cabin for the better part of 19 years; I knew I was leaving a part of my life that was encompassed by the beach, saltspray, vegetable gardens and lots of cats. It was a bittersweet move and one I had to do to save my life. I also knew that I was leaving a place in time that had brought me not only some happy days but little gifts of nature that I could not leave. I went to Auntie Evelyn's cabin at Beckett Point one cold afternoon shortly before she passed away and quickly, without being seen or noticed; pulled up by the roots a handfull of the wall flowers that grow wild at the Point. It is the only flower that seems to be able to thrive down there. I lost a lot of the plants ( I mean who pulls flowers from the ground by the roots and expects them to live? ) but after many years of carefully yet distinctively ingnoring them; they are GROWINING and FLOWERING and TAKING OVER my garden by the studio!!! I could not be happier about all this! They are the brilliant rich oranges and yellows that fill my drawings and paintings. The color soaked flowers that make my heart leap with the lust of earthy firey plants! What a sap I am all over these flowers. Tomorrow I will take a picture of my complete garden bursting with these plants and you will see more of their energy than the little begining I have pictured here. xxxxoooo, Lois

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