Monday, March 24, 2008

Ready, Set, Go!

After hours of packing, sorting and choosing inventory and trying NOT to create more work for myself; I think I am ready to go to Portland. I just have to pack my clothes which I truly hate, hate doing! One of these days I am going to buy a whole wardrobe and just leave it packed between shows in my suitcase so I can grab it and go! Now there is a career for someone who is looking for something unusual to do! Be a packer for others, get them ready to go on a trip.

Phil has taken my camera and said, " you do want to take this? " and off he and the camera went to be packed. So I am forced, absolutely forced to share these really cute pictures of Jacob with you. He was just a little guy in his Bob the Builder clothes and his favorite fleece cloud hat. You can tell these are old pictures, my kitchen is a boring white! Way before I got hold of color cards and a tile catalog! How did I ever live with so much white in my house?

I my write again tonight but you may also not hear from me until I return. Marty will be here watching over my Regina and enjoying the solitude of our home. Have a fun week! I can hardly wait to shop Powell's bookstore ( it covers one whole city block ) in Portland AND it is NOT a chain store but a real honest to goodness, independant book seller! Love, Lois

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