Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

It is Easter afternoon on a cold, windy, rainy northwest kind of spring! Perfect day to be inside and make things or in my case; pack for a show. My mind races as I get ready to choose which of my inventory to take with me to a show. I pack this and then think, " oh, I better take this, too and maybe this and maybe that.... " and before you know it there is no organization and I have a bunch of " stuff ". I just always want everything with me and then usually my first few customers ask me for what I did not bring! AAARGH! But... you know I love this crazy bead life!

These are some photos of Jacob with his Easter basket and Regina. Jacob best liked the tins of mints he received in his basket. I am going to keep these forever he says! My sweet little boy, my last child, is growing up so quickly! He didn't even remind me to dye eggs or ask for a basket! I miss that boy who loved hunting eggs in the soggy garden on Easter morning!

Phil is off buying special treats for dinner and I can hardly wait. For what is an Easter dinner without ham, potato salad, applesauce and sweet gherkin pickles! Yum! Happy Easter! Make some bunny happy today! xxoo, Lois

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