Sunday, March 30, 2008

In Portland

Here I am in the Rose city; a city that inspires me with all its' green philosophy. Mass transit, ( free downtown ), low flush toilets, recycle bins everywhere and it just feels good and right and well, inspiring. The Bead Expo show has been fun and with the threat and actual snow everywhere in the area; I am pleased that customers are still finding us.

We are all feeling a tad homesick. Not for each other for as Phil reminds us, we are all here as a family but for our actual home, all its' comforts, the dog, the cats and my studio. It is wonderful to be around all these bead classes and jewelry that everyone wears and tragic that I can not get to my studio! On the road knitting and my sketchbooks are as arty and crafty as I can get! Speaking of getting, I better get back to work! Now! Watch for pictures & more! xxooo, Lois ( p.s. It is snowing in PT right now! )

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