Monday, March 31, 2008

BeAd ExPo in PoRtLaNd

Oh, but it is good to be here! I love my bed, my dog, my welcoming home and studio! I really appreciate everything after I have been away and everything feels new and refreshed!

I have for you here a photo from the opening of Bead Expo in Portland, Oregon. It's the sign at the gateway to all the marvelous beads and treasures contained within the show. Not to mention all the friends that I only get to see on the road. Friendships that you build between customers and set up or breakdown.

I have always been a person who says to people seeking answers to " ask the universe " and wait for an answer. The trick lies in listening and then hearing the answer. Sometimes I am asking a question without even being aware, consciously, that I have asked a question and then, POW!, an answer appears and you can say I WAS asking. That's the case with this sticker that appeared on the Do Not Enter sign on the walk from my hotel to the convention center. Now IS all you have. A reminder from the guiding universe to not worry about the small things ( Will I make money at this show? Can I cover my expenses? ) and to remember now is the moment and now is what I have. MmmmHmmm, Lois

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