Friday, February 22, 2008

Some nights....

I remember when I was in college that one of my drawing instructors in particular told me to stop being so illustrated in my work. I think she was trying to say that I should be freer in my drawing and that the finished piece would be more successful. Now that I am older I tend to draw things that make me happy and then I load the piece with tons of texture. I know that I am enjoying the process more and the end results make me smile. I still fling paints and medium around though and end up with my very abstract, intuitive work but in the end I like drawing fish, suns, flowers, spirals and houses. This piece is a PT kind of drawing I have just begun featuring our local sailboats and big green fish. I think it will be fun when done! Maybe it would make a good wooden boat festival poster! I am staying up much too late! xxoo, Lois

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