Thursday, February 21, 2008

Odds and Ends Around Here!

The sun was out today and once again it was easy to delight in the beauty of this place. We had lunch at Point Hudson and watched the boats bob in the marina. It's not going to last though as rain is forcast.

Here is a really neat bottle tree on a farm in Sequim. I love these trees that pop up in fields every now and again. It's like finding a Christmas tree! The sun through the bottles is like lights on the Christmas tree. What a handy recycling idea,too! I think we need to build a bottle tree or 7 this summer!

I have also included a weird shot of the lunar eclipse last night. It was a special request of Andrea who is in the cold midwest. That liitle swirl is probably the result of my poor photography skills but I like to thinkof it as spirits around the eclipsing moon. Of course, Jacob and I went out and did a little lunar dance and howled a few times!

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