Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Back at it again today, trying to get a few things done and listening to the strong winds and driving rain outside the dining room window. Tomorrow, I plan on returning to work. I have missed my shop while I was home with this plague of a cold and I am thinking it has also missed me.

So anyhow, when I should have been making jewelry or getting together grab bags of sale items for the shop; I decided to drag out a tabletop full of paints, markers and colored pencils and unleash my inner need to draw and hop to it. I started two bigger drawings and did this small one for the top of my FB page. A new cover! I love my bird cover but someone asked me to do a love cover and here it is.

Now, to brave the outside storm in order to conquer the inner storm and get something creative done in the studio. Neither rain nor winds shall keep me from my appointed studio duties. Snicker...

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