Thursday, December 13, 2012

You know what I am thinking tonight? That Port Townsend does not have enough Christmas lights around town. Neighborhoods and streets seem dark and that makes me sad. I drove around after work tonight, took a different route home to see lights and really there were not many. I hope more people, businesses and homes add more in the coming days. It is so dark this time of the year that the lights bring so much cheer into the community. As for us, Jacob has draped the entire house, studio and fences with lights. LED lights so things are bright and I smile each night as I pull into the driveway. Bless that kid and his creative use of a staple gun!

Speaking of Jacob here are the photos of the finished Christmas tree. He decorated it by himself and only used the gold balls and lots of lights. It is a very handsome tree! Smells fine, too.

I am still drawing most evenings while in the living room. This is a small colored pencil drawing that I took at an unusual angle with my camera. ( Hint: Santa: I need a new camera..... just saying..... )
A poorly taken picture but I liked the way my hand shadow played
across the surface of this sketch.

A jaunty angle - very Star Wars tablet kind of look.

So anyhow, the wall heater is working overtime, my eyes are getting drowsy and my novel, Zorro, By Isabel Allende is calling me. Off to dreamland with me.

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