Sunday, March 25, 2012

Jesse Girl

My Jesse girl is getting so old now. I watch her struggle up from the floor and be easily pushed over by much younger Daisy. She can't go for rides in the car anymore and you can see that when it comes time to play, she will sit it out. She is still great studio company and quietly snores away when I can spend the day in there. She wants to be with me and I like her with me. We, like Jesse grow too soon old and in her deep brown soulful eyes, I know we do not have too many more tomorrows. I am still so thankful she is here and know that she has been here a very long time. In dog years, she is a grand and ancient wise woman,  aglow in the splendor of her gathered wisdom. Strong with the love she gives. How will my days play out when she is gone?

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