Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tomorrow is the day that I am leaving for what will hopefully be warm and sunny Tucson. The house sitter is here, the laundry all done and Jacob is anxiously waiting for me to leave so that he can " party ". I think that means to him that he can turn his music up LOUD and I will not complain. Poor house sitter - they are in for it!
I have managed to pack four knitting projects, my new journal of handmade paper and a bead embroidery project in my suitcase. Plus the Oprah book club novel I have been meaning to read for years. You see I am planning some quiet time in soft, sunny spots to read and craft and draw. Sounds enchanting to me.   My trusty laptop is staying home so I will be at the mercy of a hotel computer but I am thinking that not being on my computer will give me more time to create. I won't really be posting pictures until I get home either. Maybe no one will look over my shoulder as I sit in some isolated corner spot and knit while daydreaming. Slow down Lois on this trip and enjoy everything. Life is short and sweet with that lesson hammered home today. Love to all, goodnight.
A painted red heart on raw canvas. Not quite finished
but bursting with red. 

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