Monday, January 23, 2012

Some things new...

I am running on empty right now and ready to just sit and mindlessly watch something on television while sewing the buttons back on my gray corduroy jacket. Amazingly, ever since the snow fell last week, I have been in the mood to sew and mend things. Jacob is calling to me to mend the cut on his finger and I think I will either have to sew it ( yuck ) or he is going to need a stitch. Jacob's solution to all aches and pains is to " run it under cold water " so we will see what needs to be done. I just don't think that tonight's mending should extend to his finger!

Anyhow, here are some pictures of new charm designs just cast in bronze that I will be taking to Tucson.
I am of course, in love with the bird!

The seasons in the circle pendant are cool too.

A flower, I love drawing them.
I also visited with Regina at her new shop space uptown. I think this home for THE PERFECT SEASON will be a great location for her. It was also fun to hang out with Juliette today and laugh over the stories we shared with each other. I love this town for the people I run into and the people I can share moments of my day with. What better friends and times these?
This picture I like best of Regina.
Just before dinner I also painted red hearts on some raw painter's canvas so that tomorrow I can put Valentine's Day decorations in my display windows. I love painting on un-gessoed canvas and it was hard to stop at just the hearts and not continue on with layer upon layer of color! Sigh - next time. For now, I'll say goodnight.

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