Friday, September 23, 2011

Today, a hot & blustery first day of fall............................

Days are flying by just like the seagull feathers that float down from the roof tops all over the downtown streets and into the building lobbies.  I sleep at night, rise in the morning, head to work and in a moment as quick as the intake of a breath, the day is gone. I am loving spending more time in my shop. Talking with customers, fussing with displays, creating new arrangements of treasured beads and bringing to life the fantasies I had of owning a shop from the time I was a little girl playing store in my parent's garage.

I have made so many new charms and religious pieces of late. With the mailman bringing a whole package of my new castings today; I am tempted to burn the midnight oil and make things.  I will get pictures up soon. Right now I am planning on Sunday being a studio day so perhaps I will begin the challenge of photographing  silver charms along with making new jewelry from the freshest charm designs. Hot from the casting process!

Today, I helped a friend set up a blog and in the process I totally challenged this old brain of mine. Too bad brain exercise does not wear off calories. In any event, here is a picture of her upcoming book. I can hardly wait to read it and I feel lucky to have such a well traveled, smart and talented friend!

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