Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fifteen Years

Please mom, it's early, stop taking pictures!
Fifteen years ago today my youngest son ( of two ) arrived. It was a long day of labor and barfing and being overwhelmed by all the attention from the doctor ( who I adored ), nurses and a few friends. Phil never once left my side and my friend Yvonne, I think the whole thing scared the bejesus out of her, ran errands for Phil to get him food and O'Douls. I never had a moment to be alone with my husband, a moment to think, catch my breath, take in all that was happening. I did have the good hospital room though, everyone told me so. It has a view clear to downtown, over soft still brown hills and grass all the way to the marina and the waters beyond. Jacob came into the world amongst comments from my attendees of how long his fingers were in mid afternoon, on a Saturday. Didn't he know that I am in retail and ALWAYS work Saturdays? He changed my life, Phil's life, the lives of all of us and for me, he made everything just that much more sweeter. Now, let's see if I survive the teenage years! Love to my Jake, the rake.

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