Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sometimes things happen and you can think to yourself, " Whew! Glad that is not me! " and then other times things happen that make you stand back and say, lesson learned, life appreciated! Such was the lesson yesterday.

My doctor, friend and confidant had an emergency brain bleed,  ( when are they ever not an emergency ? ) and is in the intensive care wing of a regional hospital. No one knows what the outcome will be for certain and no one knows at what functioning level she will return to. Of course, I am saddened, shocked. Of course, I am sending prayers and healing thoughts her way, writing in her on line journal. I am also once again reminded of the preciousness of life, how fleeting it can be and how suddenly things can turn on a dime. Wow, just wow.

Hold close those you love and care about, hold tight to the memories you make now and hold even tighter to the love you find. I love you all.

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