Sunday, August 21, 2011

Community Bowl Project

One of the things I promised myself this year was that if I had the chance to volunteer here and there, I would make the time, even a wee bit of time, and do it. Yesterday found Jacob and me at the annual Uptown Street Fair ( which I started more than 20 years ago ) working at the Community Bowl Project. Local potters donate thrown porcelain bowls, glazes and their time to make the little dishes that the community members paint at local fairs and then sell for $ 10 each at a later event. The full $10 goes to the food bank. It's a great way for the community itself to participate creatively in making food bank donations.

Porcelain bowls for sale all signed by the artists!
Many painted by the community's children.

It felt great to be outside on the warmest Saturday of the year, speaking with my fellow residents and painting a bowl with my friend Marlene's delightful twin grandchildren ( 11 months ). Henry and Tommy are budding artists.

In my heart, I am so happy and feel so much more enriched to be donating my time. Really it is more valuable than anything else I can give. xo, Lois

Painting supplies & glazes.

Other craft vendor booths.

More crafty people & booths early in the day.

And the band played on!

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