Sunday, July 10, 2011

This Weekend Past in Tacoma

I am just now home from the Puget Sound Bead Festival in Tacoma. The car is unpacked, a load of laundry is tumbling in the dryer, my feet are up and I am slowly getting more sleepy by the minute.
The show this weekend was considerably smaller in size and scope than years past but was filled with an excellent variety of bead things and of course, filled with my friends that I only get to see " on the road ". I can't decide whether I should work a show or just flit from person to person and booth to booth and visit, hug and chat! I take many long bathroom breaks and make sure I walk a different way to them -  past friends so I can stop and talk. Bead shows are a little soap opera from time to time and this show was no exception. Intrigue and mystery, rumor and gossip were abundant! I loved it! The stories customers relate to me also make me want to write a book. Someone, somewhere should be recording these tales I hear from people I barely know. I would have to say I like getting to know people and treasure every minute of conversation we have.

I was a terrible picture taker too this weekend! I just was more interested in talking than picturing so I leave you this fine evening with half a full moon hanging in the inky black night outside my sliding glass door with a few pictures from the weekend.

THe view from the top floor of the convention center where the show was being held. See the mountain?
Mount Rainier, that is! 

Another downtown shot featuring the Tacoma Dome and the Washington State history museum. 

A random show picture showing the setting up of Pam's booth.

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