Friday, July 15, 2011

Nearly 10

It is nearly 10 pm on a July Friday night. A very wet and chilly Friday night. Truthfully, I love the rain and the gray. I love a cool, wet summer and the explosion of green that happens when the sun does warm things up a bit. I have been saying that my yard looks like the Amazon jungle and that all the deep, dark holes that Daisy has dug look like Afghanistan. I think in all seriousness, it may be next summer before I can plant anything and not have Daisy dig it up or eat it!

This is my darling Daisy on her way into the studio. She gets a bacon treat and then sleeps on the carpet behind the chair I work in. Really though, she only half sleeps as the minute I make a move to get up, she is ready to go. If I ignore her too long, I hear the familiar noise of a bead rolling around her teeth and in her mouth. That never fails to get my attention. She looks tail-less in  this picture but she is not. Her tail is long and lovely and full.

Finally this evening, look at these lovely and colorful lampworked beads that I intend to make into earrings soon. They will be a lovely addition to my display cases and the earrings will be a perfect summer into fall fashion forward look. I think they kind of look like byzantine openings or windows. They were available in so many delicious colors, it was heard to settle on these! Rich greens and oranges stir an unbridled bead lust in me.

I am hearing the siren call of the studio and the bedroom. One for working one for snoozing. Which will win out as the late evening progresses? The rain makes me think sleep is the stronger call and hearing the sound of the water falling on the roof will make for a good night's sleep.

Peaceful dreams all.

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