Sunday, April 10, 2011

A storm is raging outside tonight and the winds are gale force as we wait for the drenching rains that are forecast. The lights kept blinking in the studio and since it can be very dark out there if the power goes out, I came inside. Inside where Phil and Jake for the umpteenth time are watching the same movie. I like this movie too, Big Trouble, but after the 83rd time, the humor is old. I know it by heart and just can't laugh at it anymore!
The studio work table tonight.

 I did get home from work early this afternoon and after a veg break, watching TV and having lunch, I was able to get some much needed jewelry made for the shop. These pieces are all for the spring display window that will be in the front of the building.
Multi dangle earrings out of glass and antiqued brass.
With a little bit of luck, I may even be able to work in the studio tomorrow and create some resin souvenir for visitors to take home from Port Townsend. I have had that idea for quite some time in my head. Time to put resin to mould and get the job done!
Earring closeup.
Any moment I expect to be in the dark here so I had better end this posting. Have a great day tomorrow. 

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