Sunday, April 10, 2011

Have You Ever Wondered...

...why crows gather together? Maybe they are like people seeking friendships among themselves. Maybe it is to end up like the fellow in the bottom of this image, all tucked in close to the ground, feet up with everyone looking at him.

Tonight finds me in a strange mood as I wait for the owners of Jessie and Daisy to come home. I think I will be up late tonight or rather this morning, waiting for them to head home to bed. When their
" parents " are gone, they are here. I call them my Monday through Friday dogs. I wonder what they must think of having two families love them so much. They will never lack for companionship, love, food or doggie kisses.

I need to end this missive and get ready for dreamland myself. Tomorrow sends me into the shop to play amongst the ArtFest attendees. Creativity is in the air!

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