Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Days Are Missing

How can it be 10 days, TEN DAYS! , since I posted on this blog?! I have had the most miserable cold, all misery in the form of coughing, coughing, earaches and sore throats. Everyone in PT seems to have it and now I hear it lasts for at least three weeks and then has turned into pneumonia in some and bronchitis in others. Sigh - I am such a whiner but in my defense, I did not expect this bout of cold when I had my first ever flu shot!

Anyhow, we briefly had about three hours of sunlight last Wednesday or Thursday so I summoned all my cold weakened energy, dashed outside and snapped these pictures of spring in PT.
The Olympic Mountains as seen from my deck.

In the front garden, heather and miniature daffodils in bloom.

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