Friday, February 25, 2011

Snow Days and Shoulder Days

The Olympic Mountains from my front porch.
We had snow here in Port Townsend. Lots of snow,maybe 7 or more inches fell over the course of Thursday. A beautiful, quiet event that blanketed us in the most lovely shade of winter. 
The playhouse the day after the storm. Bright as the sun itself.
I could not get outside to play or knit or do much of anything because I injured my shoulder. The pain was that white hot blinding going to barf kind of pain. All I could stand to do was marvel at the snow and watch television. Anything, even the barest of movement hurt.

One big yellow leaf sun.
I could draw though. Doodle, make marks on a paper, feel somewhat creative. After all, the shoulder pain was in the left and the drawing required the right. So in between eating comfort foods, I drew. A world of imagination emanated from my colored pencils and let me tell you, no shoulder pain lives in that world.
Birthday houses.

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