Sunday, February 27, 2011

Just Stuff Today

Bead box of luscious vintage lucite beads before they become bracelets.

Studio color pencil stash.
In my " old age " I am finding that working with colored
pencils is so much easier and neater than
working in paint. I am becoming a lazy
artist, maybe?

This is in tonight's sketchbook. I was remembering a mannequin that used to be in a carnival, a coin operated fortune teller. Place the coin in the slot, lights turn on and she tells your future. I met her at a sweltering  flea market in Virginia. 
Today I spent four hours sorting through merchandise and arranging it so that it can be displayed at the Sew Expo show in Puyallup this weekend. It is a long task to get everything just so and sometimes I wonder if it wouldn't be easier to just heap everything on my sales tables and say" here you go - have a look. "Before I know it, I am getting into the job and I am making little decorative signs, stringing beads, making jewelry samples. It all becomes a big exercise in outside my brain creativity.

Watched the Oscars this evening and enjoyed the parade of colors and flounce that were the dresses of the actresses. I get into all the pageantry of the show and picture myself there on that red carpet in a bohemian ensemble of glitter and beads. " No really, the movie was not that much effort. I put my whole self into the role but the physicality of it was on the low side. It was delightful, you know to kiss my costar. He was so striking and strong and clever in the film. "

See, I can not only see myself there at the grand event but also have full conversations in my head. I should be a writer!

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