Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Friends in PT

Lunch with my friend from Facebook, Elaine.

We had a wonderful lunch of coconut fried rice with prawns which prompted Elaine
to look up a recipe on the internet and send it to me which means that
shortly down the road a bit in my very orange kitchen; I am going
to make the recipe myself!

I am trying to stay in the season this holiday, keeping it simple and
enjoying friends and family. Sounds marvelous but very hard to put into

Finishing up knitting projects and drawings to send off to friends
and family. Working on a new series of crow drawings
and with a handy new watercolor set, I am sketching the wonderful
tropical landscape that exists in my head.

Rain is pelting the house right now and although the temps are kind of balmy for this
area. I am freezing! Rain makes me want to snuggle down into my bedcovers and read.
So off to my grand mountaineering books with me for the rest of the evening! 

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