Sunday, December 5, 2010

Busy Weekend

The Port Townsend Chorus' performance of Handel's Messiah.

The reflection in the drums was so pretty and just fascinated me.
I was only sitting three rows from them.

This was a weekend that not only greeted the area with sunny, dry and sort of warm weather but one that had plenty of activities to keep me moving the entire time!

I worked all weekend and gave all my energy to my customers so much so that when I did get home after work; I pretty much crashed and burned. Off to early bedtimes for me!

At the last moment today, I had to work the shop for a bit and teach a group of 7th grade girls. It has been ages since I spent time with girls; just listening to them talk. Hearing what is important to them: mascara, weight, what books and TV shows they can watch, what music isn't censored for them, how much money they had to spend on themselves and holiday gifts. It was a class for me in just listening.

I had a ticket to go see The Messiah performed by the Port Townsend Community Chorus and since I had never seen it performed live; off I went at 2:00. I met a friend there and we enjoyed it although I think maybe I dozed off in the first part... zzzzzz.... Still it was a wonderful way to spend the afternoon during the holiday season. I am promising myself to do more things like that and get outside myself and the shop for the holiday.

Now off to lala land for me! Good night!

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